Its single point Electronic Fuel Injection System for Supply of Fuel through Injector, uses different sensors for Calculating exact amount of fuel required.

Advantages of EFI System

Better Emission & More Consistency

  • BS IV or higher emission standards are easily achievable
  • More reliable and accurate fuel delivery than Carburetor or Venture systems
  • Fuel delivery is accurately managed as per various engine conditions
  • COP becomes hasslefree task.

Better Fuel Efficiency

  • Flow of Fuel is well controlled based on driving pattern
  • Linear fuel supply is achieved immediately after sudden acceleration

Reduced Catalytic Converter

  • Reduction of precious Material Loading and Volume of Catalyst Converter

Higher Flexibility for Power and Torque

  • Air restrictors can be modified for desired Power & Torque
  • No need to maintain Stoichiometric Ratio.

Engine Durability pushed to its limit

  • With proper Stoichiometric Ratio we can avoid wearing out of Exhaust Valve and other such components which are affected higher temperature.

Fuel Consumption Indicator

  • Helps drivers to control acceleration so as to maintain proper fuel efficiency

Manages Emission for Dual Fuel

  • Enhance performance in dual fuel mode too

EFI Drives Ignition coil

  • CDI box is NOT required
  • Can use Engine Load condition to change Timing curve.

Fuel Cut off Mode

  • Cuts off fuel supply during deceleration
  • Avoid engine damage during No Load high acceleration condition

Easy ECU Interface with Android

  • Unbeatable flexibility in operation
  • No need of expertise during vechle servicing
  • Expert team can remotely check and modify ECU configurations from any part of the World.

Track actual Vehicle Data

  • Actual vehicle kilometers
  • Diving behaviour
  • Other various data related to service

Monitoring Warranted / Faulty components Online

  • Real time data can be synchronised with R&D, Assembly and Various other teams during servicing
  • Improves component durability under technical monitoring

Android based Single Platform Software solution

  • Single platform for Communication with tech team, Warranty Solutions, Parts Catalogue, Prices, Availability, Ordering, Delivery, Payment etc.
  • Easy to use, built for all

Cheap, Easy, Quick and Reliable Troubleshooting

  • It is necessary to provide systematic solution to troubleshoots for EFI system with proper training and experience, this can also be addressed by Remotely located team at any part of World. So EFI troubleshoots can be guided by different level of Engineers under one Roof.

Highest Security

  • Vehicle can be locked remotely as and when required

Wireless Communication

  • Easy to track or monitor the vehicle inside the Plant area

Vehicle tracking

  • Real Time vehicle tracking system can be integrated